Areas of Practice

We specialize in two primary areas.

Estate Planning and Probate

A well-thought out estate plan will make things easier for those you leave behind.

The intestacy laws may not provide for the kind of estate plan you had in mind, especially if you are unmarried or have children from a prior marriage.

Consider the future care of your children and pets.  Selecting a guardian and making financial provisions for them is often the most difficult part of the estate planning process.

Review your insurance policies and beneficiary or pay-on-death designations on accounts and retirement plans.  They, not your will, may determine where those assets go.

Consider who will be in the best position to make decisions for you in the event of disability.  The best person for health care decisions may not be the best for financial decisions.

Minimize stress and disharmony among your loved ones by having the right documents in place.

Small Business

We specialized in helping small business owners and entrepreneurs. We are rare in that we provide high-quality professional corporate legal services tuned to the budget of the small businesses.

We understand how important your business is to you. Let us help you with your contracts, leases and independent contractor agreements.